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Euro-MRX consortium: ground-breaking research

The Euro-MRX consortium is a collaboration of several institutes undertaking research into mental retardation.

Mental retardation (MR) is a distressing clinical condition which affects approximately 2% of the population. Despite its high incidence, little is known about the biological basis of this disease. The resulting lack of diagnostic tools is a great burden on a large number of families.

The Euro-MRX consortium was established in 1996 to address the problem outlined above. It strives to reach the following goals: to identify (additional) genes involved in X-linked MR and to understand their biological function. The expected increase in knowledge will lead to more and better diagnostic tools. Moreover, a basis will be laid for the development of therapeutic agents. This puts the Euro-MRX consortium at the forefront of research into MR.

Patients and their families are the focus of this research program. The participating institutes of the consortium work in close collaboration with patient organisations, ensuring the direct communication of results to those concerned.