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What can I do to help the EURO-MRX project?

The research carried out by the EURO-MRX project is completely dependent on the availability of DNA material from patients with XLMR. The more patients we can add to our activities, the bigger our chances are of finding new genes. And the bigger our chances of getting closer to understanding mental retardation.

We are looking for families in which XLMR is (possibly) present. Such families always have several males affected by mental retardation (please also see the page What is XLMR?). You may be interested in helping us find possible candidates for our research.

Perhaps you know of a family with several males affected by MR, or maybe you are a member of such a family yourself. You could then help us by letting the people concerned know about our project and ask them if they are interested in participating (that is, giving blood for the creation of a celline). The GP/physician will be able to determine whether a particular family may be suitable for referral to our project, and contact us if this is indeed the case.

Your help is very much appreciated!