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What can I do to help the EURO-MRX project?

The research carried out by the EURO-MRX project is completely dependent on the availability of DNA material from patients with MRX. The more patients we can add to our activities, the bigger our chances are of finding new genes. And the bigger our chances of getting closer to understanding mental retardation.

As a physician you may be able to help us by referring patients to us which you suspect of having MRX. You can contact us through the address below:

EURO-MRX project
c/o Tjitske Kleefstra
Department of Human Genetics
University Medical Center Nijmegen
P.O. Box 9101
6500 HB Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Phone (+31) 24 361 3946
Fax (+31) 24 356 5026

The selection criteria for adding a certain family to our collection, are as follows:

  • Two or more males with (non-)syndromal mental retardation must be present within the family
  • The pedigree is consistent with X-linked inheritance
  • Of at least one affected familiy member, sufficient blood must be available for producing a cell line
  • All clinical data must be made available to the EURO-MRX consortium (the patients privacy is guaranteed)

Your help is very much appreciated!